The Bangalore City Co-operative Bank Limited, a leading Urban Co operative Bank in India was founded by Sri. K. Ramaswamaiah and other Co-operators during the beginning of the Co-operative movement in our country, with prime object of encouraging thrift and savings habit among the public and to freed the members from the clutches of private money lenders.

Initially the bank started as a Credit co-operative Society in the year 1905 and later converted as Urban Co-operative Bank on 06-04-1907. The bank began with 150 members, mobilised Share capital of Rs.2727 from them and also mobilized Deposits of Rs. 2265 from which advanced Rs.4036/- and disbursed dividend at 13.02% in the inception year. Today the total business of the bank has crossed Rs. 1300.00 crores and now it is placed as Top Urban Co-operative bank of the State of Karnataka.