Savings Bank Account

  • SB accounts can be opened in the following categories:

    • An individual in his own name.
    • More that one person in their joint names.
    • A guardian on behalf of the minor.
    • Clubs, Associations, Charitable institutions and Professionals, Society, Trust etc. with Certificate from Income Tax Authorities regarding exemption of their income from payment of income tax.

    Free accidental policy up to Rs. 1,00,000.00 will be given to the SB A/c holders who give consent to maintain Rs. 5,000.00 minimum balance in their account on daily basis.

    Minimum Balance to be maintained in the Account is Rs. 500.00 with cheque book facility and Rs. 250.00 without cheque book facility.

    Savings No frill Account: Savings Bank account can also be opened with minimum balance of Rs.100/- with other conditions.